I, Bertolt Brecht

I, BERTOLT BRECHT showcases the best of Bert Brecht. It brings together the electricity, fun, political edge and pure entertainment of his plays and songs, and the depth and emotion of his poems. It’s thought provoking, moving and laugh-out-loud funny. The evocative music of Kurt Weill draws on the Berlin cabaret scene and the Jazz scene of the thirties – Mack the Knife, What Keeps Mankind alive, The Alabama Song – songs which recording artists have been queuing up to cover from Sinatra to The Doors, from David Bowie to Sting.Collaborators Hans Eisler and Paul Dessau are also featured.

“It is difficult to imagine a more thorough and engaging introduction to Brecht’s life and work that Sue Pomeroy’s collage of scenes, poems and critical writings…this show instructs and entertains with the thrill of repeated insights” – TIMEOUT

Sue Pomeroy is one of the foremost exponents of Brecht’s work in the UK. With insights gained from first hand experience of working with Brecht’s own company, the Berliner Ensemble, she has created an un-missable drama documentary using Brecht’s own words and working with Brecht’s own methods. She is currently developing a Documentary film about Brecht with funding from Screen South and the UK Film Council .

THE TOUR. The production will tour through Autumn 2011 and Spring 2012 with a highly skilled and talented professional cast of actors and actor musicians. The set and period costumes lend authenticity to the production, and media projections of footage of Brecht’s life and work add a further dimension to the experience. A full educational service is provided, including Study Packs, Master Classes and workshops.


Brecht is one of the greatest single influences on world theatre today. His plays rapidly achieved classic status, and his theories have become hugely influential and controversial. He continues to be studied across the educational spectrum throughout the world. In the UK he is a set text playwright from GCSE to University level. The production has an excellent educational pedigree, providing interactive work in schools and colleges across the UK and forming the drama centrepiece of Open University’s Literature in the Modern World course over many years.


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2 thoughts on “I, Bertolt Brecht

  1. okon jones

    Bonsoir Sue Pomeroy……. “CRoydon Flypast”

    Tu te rappelle du siècle dernier à Croydon au début des années ’80!!!

    Bon ‘chapeau’ pour l’extrait de ton documentaire au sujet de Brecht que je viens de voir par erreur en cherchant quelqu’un avec qui j’ai bossé en Ecosse qui apparément habite à Berlin. Quel plaisir d’avoir fait une mauvaise ‘manip’!!!!!
    J’habite et travaille en France depuis les anneés ’90 en espèrant de retourner en Angleterre le mois prochain avec un co-prod France 2 et le B.B.C; on verra.
    Je t’embrasse et bien sur ton âme frère Ian Forrest

    Ciao un de ces quatres Okon

  2. Alex John

    I came to see this production in The Norwich Playhouse and for me it was an interesting show. I very much enjoyed the cabaret in the show as i love to hear music performed. Another positive point for the production was the changing of scenery and also the changing of characters in the scenes of Brechts plays. However i feel that there were some problems with organisation and some lines were weak and this made me feel that the show was not fully ready. I thought some of the most interesting parts of the show were, for example, the scene of the boxers. I enjoyed this scene so much due to the fact that i feel i could use the fast paced acting in my own school pieces.
    Overall i thought the play had its ups and downs but altogether it was an enjoyable and interesting show and i liked to learn about Brecht for the first time and now i will enjoy studying him at school.


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