A contemporary ground breaking musical with a powerful, dramatic story and outstanding accessible music which thrills and entertains

PAUL – Strange Kind of Hero is a moving and exhilarating experience that captivates audiences with its inspiring storyline, memorable music and spectacular staging and offers all the hallmarks of a major musical success in the tradition of other universal biblically based smash hit shows such as Godspell, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat and Jesus Christ Superstar.

PAUL is a musical about change – the transformation of a fanatical murderer who became a saint – a great story of love overcoming hate. Saul is ruthless in his drive to succeed, an extremist who allies himself to the power of Rome. He relentlessly marches against his enemies – until he sees the light on the road to Damascus. This life changing experience remains immediately resonant to audiences everywhere. Saul’s path led him to a collision with destiny on a lonely road. That man became Paul. PAUL is thought provoking and liberating as it celebrates the overcoming of violence and prejudice.

The production was originally developed and performed in the heart of Belfast in promenade in a huge warehouse as part of the peace process. PAUL is a high quality, professional show that also embraces the participation of young people in community choirs and as performers. In Belfast that meant working across the sectarian divide with Catholic and Protestant young people and adults. It was an experience none of us who were part of it will ever forget.

The show has also memorably performed in the Big Top tent at Cheltenham Racecourse as part of Greenbelt Festival, in London’s most dynamic space, the Roundhouse and at major No.1 theatres including Bradford Alhambra and Nottingham Theatre Royal. The producers have been careful to ensure that this thrilling musical is also great entertainment with captivating accessible music. It had a successful run at Brighton Festival at the spectacular venue of St Bartholomews, where Three Weeks Festival Magazine gave it 5/5 rating ” A brilliant show – go and see it” The review reads “Good Company dazzled audiences in this incredible performance space…Paul provides an evening of visual and musical enlightenment and keeps us engaged throughout….”

“I have rarely seen such a moving, exciting and committed performance by any company…This was a performance that will stay in my memory for as long as I live.”
– Brian Dury, Brighton audience member

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