The Timeless Gift of Christmas

What is the real gift of Christmas? How can we experience Peace on Earth and Good Will to Men in today’s world? The production explores this and other questions in its journey through the life and work of spiritual pioneer Mary Baker Eddy (1820-1910). Her challenging ideas and vision changed the landscape of faith in America and across the world. The play is set against a background of 19th century America from the savage conflict of the Civil War, the fight against slavery and the battles against resistance to Women’s emancipation. They all resounded during her remarkable life when she championed these causes and founded a world wide church at a time when women were not even allowed to vote.

The production, interweaves seasonal carols and music, with her writings, letters and poems* and brings the real meaning of Christmas to light and life. Through documentary drama this production combines mixed media including period photos, vocals and music with a cast of multi-talented professional actors, singers and musicians who perform in period costume and settings to create a powerful live theatre experience.

Responses From the Field

“It was lovely to receive The Timeless Gift of Christmas at our church and to share it with so many friends in a warm, appreciative and inclusive atmosphere.  Your work to unfold the life and work of our Leader in such a sensitive and inspiring way was greatly appreciated … Congratulations to the actors for their wonderful and impressive performances and superb music. ”

– Rosemary Dash, Southampton Society

“What a joy and inspiration I got when I started watching it – I cried, laughed and shouted because of the energy which was brought out. I met MBE that day and walked with her on stage and it gave me a lot of homework – I started reading Science and Health again and anything written by this woman I wanted to know!! I asked myself whether I am living the life she fought for, suffered for and loved – and gave that to me to follow! I really enjoyed it and it was worth the 150 mile journey I had to do to be part of it. Thanks again Sue… and I wish the whole movement could enjoy it. ”

– Selina Mugodi, CSN

“I would like to say how much I enjoyed this, it brought the many biographies we have of Mrs Eddy alive.  I sat next to a woman and her daughter who, although attended church and Sunday School occasionally didn’t know the life of Mrs Eddy, they were both impressed and moved. ”

– Judith Weisz, CSB Practitioner and Teacher

“I’d also like to thank you for the absorbing and lovely production on Sunday in Southampton. I was especially glad that two people newer to CS both said how much it increased their appreciation of Mrs Eddy’s life and dedication.”

– Shirley Swann, Board Chair, Southampton

“I just wanted to thank you, on behalf of all the members, for your performance last Sunday. It was very inspiring and moving and there have been lots of good comments from those who attended, including testimonies last night expressing gratitude.”

– Heather Adams, Clerk, FCCS Reading

“We loved having you all here with us in Southport, and your production was truly inspirational every member of your cast was superb and even the wintry scene was just beautiful to behold…”

– Brenda Daley, FCCS Southport

“I loved it. The whole thing was beautifully done…you know we spend hours reading these things in our lives, but to see it all so beautifully done like that – it was great…it was so moving, I saw people in tears but that’s good, it just confirms how we’re all involved, it’s all part of us and still is. It’s wonderful. ”

– Ellen Vatcher, FCCS Oxted

“I loved the production and laughed and cried alternately…I found it incredibly pure and sweet . I just loved the singing and the versatility of the performers and touching when they gathered round in support of our Leader…  I found it helpful and uplifting and I am sure would shed new light on our Leader’s life for many in our movement. We all take what we have so much for granted, not realizing what it cost to obtain.”

– Rosemary Slinn C.S Practitioner

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