Paul – Reviews

“There is great drama and scope in one man’s rejection of violence and persecution…the anthemic title number brought the audience to hand clapping life.”
Evening Post, Nottingham

“The evocative surroundings of the old factory provided a fabulous backdrop which was really brought alive by a quality, professional and imaginative performance of a stunning new musical.”
Doug Garret, Director of Urban Regeneration Company, Blackpool

“In my opinion it is far superior to JOSEPH or JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR.”
M Heraghty, Nottingham audience member

“What a stunning, uplifting, powerful production. Wonderful songs, great singing.”
Carol Vizor, Cheltenham audience member

“It was totally amazing. I really can’t find the words to express the feeling of wonder – it was almost spine-chilling.”
Rita Rea, Belfast audience member

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