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Jane Austen’s delightful comedy Pride & Prejudice in a witty, stylish adaptation by Sue Pomeroy

Pure Joy – this record breaking stage version of the classic comedy by Jane Austen is a wonderful ‘feel good’ entertainment with quality and style.

“This is a faultless production of a classic story – a sumptuous period banquet, complete with music and dancing, which never fails to surprise, enlighten and entertain. I loved it. The audience loved it. What more can I say?” – Bath Chronicle

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This is the 200th anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen’s beloved novel, Pride & Prejudice, first published in 1813. Dedicated to the Prince Regent, this story is probably the most widely read English novel in the world. “ It’s perennially among the top favourites in any poll of books the British reading public can’t do without” Guardian, Jan 2013

The Pride & Prejudice bicentennial is expected to boost tourism in Britain such is the huge interest and popularity of this author and her well loved novel. At the Jane Austen Centre, a spokesman acknowledged, “It’s a worldwide industry – she’s a brand and there’s no getting away from that.” The web is buzzing with Jane Austen blogs, anniversary contests and fan mail.

“Bright and Sparkling” is Jane Austen’s perfect description of her own perfectly delightful Regency comedy of manners, a triumph of true love allied with deliciously mercenary motives. Her classic story of the romantic merry-go-round is set in the fashionable England of the Napoleonic period where eligible young men are strictly rationed.

The love story is deliciously unpredictable. Elizabeth is pretty, intelligent and independent while every inch of Mr Darcy portrays the handsome proud aristocrat. Naturally she finds him insufferably conceited and he believes her too out-spoken and beneath him until true love conquers his pride and her prejudice.

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