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Great News! We are moving forward with our film!


We’re delighted to tell you that although we have not reached all of our Kickstarter goal, huge strides have been made in the last month.  A long standing supporter of Sue Pomeroy and Studio Soho, the producers of our main feature length film documentary Overcoming Pride and Prejudice, has helped secure us a sponsor for all the equipment that we require to film the 200th anniversary events key events that we planned.

In addition investments pledged for the full length film have been steadily growing and this month we have actually raised more than our Kickstarter goal. So everything is going forward.

An enormous thank you for all your support and enthusiasm! Over the last month we have had some wonderful expressions of help and friendship: pledges of support from across the UK, Europe and the United States, opportunities to publish ‘blogs’ about the film on high profile websites, interviews on BBC Radio across five regions and several feature press articles. There has been a huge amount of interest and the project has gone global.

We will still require further funding for the production and distribution of our Anniversary DVD Love & Marriage, Jane Austen style and will continue our fund raising activities to ensure we achieve this, but we are very happy that ‘the show goes on’ and to give you such positive news.

Latest, exciting news on Jane Austen – Overcoming Pride & Prejudice

It’s well past normal office hours, as our team works on into the evening to finish the latest trailer, which will head our Kickstarter campaign due to launch early next week. It is a real pleasure to work on the trailer, because it presents an opportunity to bring together some of the footage we have been filming through spring and summer, since May this year. Looking at the final edit of the trailer brings home just how much we have covered, both in terms of Jane Austen Regency events, interviews and also miles as we have crossed back and forth across the country! Since that time our expert team of Producers and Administrators have come together, (Nick Hamson at Studio Soho, Chris Wood of Fast Films and Phil Taylor of Film Engine) not to mention experienced documentary feature film editor Richard Urbanski. It’s an exciting time for our film and a milestone along the journey! Watch out for our crowd funding campaign and we hope to welcome you on board.


28 June 2013

Jane Austen country

Jane Austen country



Jane Austen's cottage in Chawton, Hampshire


Jane Austen’s cottage in Chawton, Hampshire

Jane Austen writes so entertainingly of how her heroine, Elizabeth Bennet, overcomes her prejudice towards Mr Darcy: and how he, for his part, must overcome his pride before their mutual happiness is assured. Only when the two protagonists conquer their own shortcomings are they able to move forward and discover their love for each other. During our visit to Jane’s cottage in Chawton, Hampshire last Thursday it was moving to see how modest her domestic arrangements were, and look at her small writing table set by the window and its quill pen. The joy she took in writing and her perseverance in such humble conditions are plain to see, for it was when she was comfortably settled in the cottage that she finished her six novels, and saw four of them published. Even then, the cottage was owned by her wealthy brother, Edward Knight, and he invited his two sisters and mother to take up residence there. Jane herself did not own her property, but at least could live there rent free. And she must have found the security and peace of mind to take up her writing again, and the renewed confidence to finish the novels and prepare them for publication. The fact that the publication was anonymous hints at the much deeper issue of the prejudice she must have encountered as a woman writer in 1813. Her sense of humour and her heightened sense of the ridiculous would have helped to dispel the obstacles she must overcome to achieve her hopes and dreams. We hope Jane’s own story of overcoming pride and prejudice will be as entertaining as her famous novel, celebrating the 200th anniversary of its publication this year, and will be as illuminating and inspiring to all who see the film.

Sue Pomeroy, Director 28.06.2013

Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen in the feature film of 'Pride and Prejduice'

Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen in the feature film of ‘Pride and Prejduice’

Jane Austen – Overcoming Pride & Prejudice (Feature Film)

Jane Austen Overcoming Pride & prejudice

A beautiful, moving feature film about the ‘divine Jane’ revealing the secrets of her heart & her courage in sharing her novels with the world and what it cost her to achieve

Jane Austen – Overcoming Pride & Prejudice is an inspiring full length feature film about Jane Austen, her life and legacy as a novelist. It will embrace quality drama, a high profile cast and stunning locations loved by Jane. It will reveal fascinating new insights into her life and the extraordinary Regency world that she lived in overshadowed by the Napoleonic Wars. Against this background her family, friends and Jane herself come alive.

The controversial rewriting of her six finished novels in a modern idiom – the auction of her ring … could it be saved for the nation? – new medical details of her final illness – her portrait on the new £10 note – much drama and a firestorm of interest but what of Jane herself? Let’s not overlook her journey or what she achieved in her short life at the expense of fortune and the chance to be happily married, to find the freedom to write six novels. Jane Austen – Overcoming Pride and Prejudice is a film that has to be made to get to the heart of Jane by really getting to know her and her world.

Jane Austen – Overcoming Pride & Prejudice takes advantage of Sue Pomeroy’s specialist expertise and in-depth research to create a fabulous film for which there is already a receptive, worldwide market. Sue Pomeroy, will direct the Jane Austen Productions film, in association with Fuschia Films. This will be the first of a series of films about women novelists, with the aim of creating a definitive collection of stories and memories for audiences to enjoy for many years to come.

At the heart of the film is the golden treasury of Jane’s inner life, her hopes, her dreams, her intimate feelings, her devastating wit which, though ironically so entertaining to modern audiences, may have been one of the reasons for her unhappiness in love. The film explores the places she loved – Steventon where she grew up, the Dorset coast that inspired her, Regency London, Bath and Brighton, the countryside of Kent and Hampshire. All set against a background fear of Revolutionary France followed by military mobilisation against the threat of Napoleon.

Marketing Photos: ‘Jane’ – Vanessa Grace Buckley

Marketing Photos: ‘Jane’ – Vanessa Grace Buckley

It was an act of great courage at a time when women had limited expectations and no right to vote to put her novels, her ‘beloved children’, before the public. Now generations later the world shares a passion for Jane Austen. The dramatist and novelist, Samuel Beckett, wrote about the “divine Jane” (I am reading the divine Jane, I think she has much to teach me). Jane and her achievements have much to teach us now, her love of life and brilliant observations enrich our life experience and understanding, and that is why we are passionate about making this film.

“It’s perennially among the top favourites in any poll of books the British reading public can’t do without.” (The Guardian Jan 2013)

jap_The Brand - Films Etc

Jane Austen’s impact is stronger than ever fuelled by a succession of films, plays and documentaries. Jane’s novels (Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, Persuasion, Mansfield Park, and Northanger Abbey) have captured the imaginations of millions of people all over the world and there is every sign that this fascination is set to run and run. Jane Austen is not a remote historical figure – her enduring popularity with young people demonstrates that. Lives were shorter then and had to be lived to the full for who knows what tomorrow might bring. Personal relationships mattered intensely and simple joys like the reading of a letter were better shared. This film will help to share Jane’s pure joy.

jap_Film Screen Shots

Jane Austen had expectations of a good marriage and financial stability that never materialised. In her own time a woman writing six novels of high quality and establishing a new literary social realism was a radical act. Hers was not an easy path. It took twenty years before she was published. This film explores how she overcame the pride and prejudice of an overwhelmingly male, class dominated society and what it cost her to find her own voice, opening the door to so many other women over the next two centuries.

Stephen Lawrence, CEO, being interviewed in Chawton House Library

Stephen Lawrence, CEO, being interviewed in Chawton House Library

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Pride & Prejudice – Press Quotes

Bath Theatre Royal“Bath is in the grip of Jane Austen fever and the Bennett’s are back in town…this production is so adept and convincing that I was enthralled from the beginning.”
– Bath Chronicle

Glasgow Theatre Royal“This slickly staged story of five ‘not so well connected’ daughters seeking suitable husbands may leave the likes of Camilla Paglia reeling, but the cast takes relish in Austen’s strong characterisation. Don’t miss it. *****”
– The List – Glasgow and Edinburgh Events Guide

Brighton Theatre Royal“Jane Austen’s play satiates the appetite of those suffering withdrawal symptoms following the end of the television series. But Sue Pomeroy’s production doesn’t suffer in comparison, and this staging is better cast. The whole show’s pacey, absorbing and well acted. The Prince Regent insisted on Jane Austen herself dedicating a book to him and he would certainly enjoy this week’s production at his ‘local’ theatre with a modern day, politically correct message: Respect your partner.”
– Brighton Argus

Lincoln Theatre Royal“I believe the theatre we enjoy in this country is the best in the world and if you want to see the best in the world I can tell you that they are at the Theatre Royal this week. Forget the TV series. This production is better than that. It is flawless – flowing from the first word to the last.”
– Lincoln News

“With an epic TV production still fresh in peoples minds the adaptation and direction for this stage drama was faultless.”
– BBC Online Liverpool

Bradford Alhambra“Whatever prejudice the Bradford public may have had against John Leslie it was forgotten during a dashing and charismatic performance of Jane Austen’s rom-com. This tale of kinship and courtship translated well to the stage and teemed with the touches of humour, sadness and lover’s angst still familiar today with soap opera viewers. The play was spiced with the sparkling, witty dialogue of Jane Austen’s novel and an impressive cast did it proud.”
– Yorkshire Post