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Jane Austen – Overcoming Pride & Prejudice (Feature Film)

Jane Austen Overcoming Pride & prejudice

A beautiful, moving feature film about the ‘divine Jane’ revealing the secrets of her heart & her courage in sharing her novels with the world and what it cost her to achieve

Jane Austen – Overcoming Pride & Prejudice is an inspiring full length feature film about Jane Austen, her life and legacy as a novelist. It will embrace quality drama, a high profile cast and stunning locations loved by Jane. It will reveal fascinating new insights into her life and the extraordinary Regency world that she lived in overshadowed by the Napoleonic Wars. Against this background her family, friends and Jane herself come alive.

The controversial rewriting of her six finished novels in a modern idiom – the auction of her ring … could it be saved for the nation? – new medical details of her final illness – her portrait on the new £10 note – much drama and a firestorm of interest but what of Jane herself? Let’s not overlook her journey or what she achieved in her short life at the expense of fortune and the chance to be happily married, to find the freedom to write six novels. Jane Austen – Overcoming Pride and Prejudice is a film that has to be made to get to the heart of Jane by really getting to know her and her world.

Jane Austen – Overcoming Pride & Prejudice takes advantage of Sue Pomeroy’s specialist expertise and in-depth research to create a fabulous film for which there is already a receptive, worldwide market. Sue Pomeroy, will direct the Jane Austen Productions film, in association with Fuschia Films. This will be the first of a series of films about women novelists, with the aim of creating a definitive collection of stories and memories for audiences to enjoy for many years to come.

At the heart of the film is the golden treasury of Jane’s inner life, her hopes, her dreams, her intimate feelings, her devastating wit which, though ironically so entertaining to modern audiences, may have been one of the reasons for her unhappiness in love. The film explores the places she loved – Steventon where she grew up, the Dorset coast that inspired her, Regency London, Bath and Brighton, the countryside of Kent and Hampshire. All set against a background fear of Revolutionary France followed by military mobilisation against the threat of Napoleon.

Marketing Photos: ‘Jane’ – Vanessa Grace Buckley

Marketing Photos: ‘Jane’ – Vanessa Grace Buckley

It was an act of great courage at a time when women had limited expectations and no right to vote to put her novels, her ‘beloved children’, before the public. Now generations later the world shares a passion for Jane Austen. The dramatist and novelist, Samuel Beckett, wrote about the “divine Jane” (I am reading the divine Jane, I think she has much to teach me). Jane and her achievements have much to teach us now, her love of life and brilliant observations enrich our life experience and understanding, and that is why we are passionate about making this film.

“It’s perennially among the top favourites in any poll of books the British reading public can’t do without.” (The Guardian Jan 2013)

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Jane Austen’s impact is stronger than ever fuelled by a succession of films, plays and documentaries. Jane’s novels (Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, Persuasion, Mansfield Park, and Northanger Abbey) have captured the imaginations of millions of people all over the world and there is every sign that this fascination is set to run and run. Jane Austen is not a remote historical figure – her enduring popularity with young people demonstrates that. Lives were shorter then and had to be lived to the full for who knows what tomorrow might bring. Personal relationships mattered intensely and simple joys like the reading of a letter were better shared. This film will help to share Jane’s pure joy.

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Jane Austen had expectations of a good marriage and financial stability that never materialised. In her own time a woman writing six novels of high quality and establishing a new literary social realism was a radical act. Hers was not an easy path. It took twenty years before she was published. This film explores how she overcame the pride and prejudice of an overwhelmingly male, class dominated society and what it cost her to find her own voice, opening the door to so many other women over the next two centuries.

Stephen Lawrence, CEO, being interviewed in Chawton House Library

Stephen Lawrence, CEO, being interviewed in Chawton House Library

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Pride & Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice Logo

Jane Austen’s delightful comedy Pride & Prejudice in a witty, stylish adaptation by Sue Pomeroy

Pure Joy – this record breaking stage version of the classic comedy by Jane Austen is a wonderful ‘feel good’ entertainment with quality and style.

“This is a faultless production of a classic story – a sumptuous period banquet, complete with music and dancing, which never fails to surprise, enlighten and entertain. I loved it. The audience loved it. What more can I say?” – Bath Chronicle

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This is the 200th anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen’s beloved novel, Pride & Prejudice, first published in 1813. Dedicated to the Prince Regent, this story is probably the most widely read English novel in the world. “ It’s perennially among the top favourites in any poll of books the British reading public can’t do without” Guardian, Jan 2013

The Pride & Prejudice bicentennial is expected to boost tourism in Britain such is the huge interest and popularity of this author and her well loved novel. At the Jane Austen Centre, a spokesman acknowledged, “It’s a worldwide industry – she’s a brand and there’s no getting away from that.” The web is buzzing with Jane Austen blogs, anniversary contests and fan mail.

“Bright and Sparkling” is Jane Austen’s perfect description of her own perfectly delightful Regency comedy of manners, a triumph of true love allied with deliciously mercenary motives. Her classic story of the romantic merry-go-round is set in the fashionable England of the Napoleonic period where eligible young men are strictly rationed.

The love story is deliciously unpredictable. Elizabeth is pretty, intelligent and independent while every inch of Mr Darcy portrays the handsome proud aristocrat. Naturally she finds him insufferably conceited and he believes her too out-spoken and beneath him until true love conquers his pride and her prejudice.

Pride & Prejudice – Press Quotes

Pride & Prejudice

Broadwood Piano


Snow Queen

Listen! Once there was a wicked demon who made a great mirror of magic that shattered into a thousand pieces. Once upon a time there were two best friends, little Gerda and Kay who got a splinter in his eye and turned his heart to ice. The Snow Queen entices him and flies him far away to her Snow Kingdom. Can Gerda rescue Kay? Will it end happily ever after? Join their spellbinding adventures in this enchanting family entertainment.

The production has an exciting cutting edge, bringing together the best of music theatre, circus and live media. The show explodes in a riot of colour – which even features the Northern lights – comedy, spills and thrills as Gerda rescues Kay from the clutches of the extraordinary Snow Queen.

This new musical brings together an established musical team (Chris Eaton and Sue Pomeroy) to create an uplifting, stunning show which is pure family entertainment. The classic pop of top pop composer Chris Eaton (Cliff Richard’s No 1 hit single, Saviour’s Day) combines with the beauty of the original story in Sue Pomeroy’s imaginative adaptation. Fabulous music ranges from hit ballads Fly Away with Me and Velvet Rose to the reggae inspired Coming Home and Rudi the Dudi and the stunning show stopping anthem, Love never forgets.

The characters are alive and fresh; the Snow Queen is seductive and sinister: little Gerda is a gutsy, down to earth heroine: Kay is her best friend on the threshold of turning into a difficult teenager. Hans Anderson’s classic tale is just bursting with wonderful characters here given a bright new edge – meet Rudi the Dudi, the coolest Reindeer in town. Not to forget Geezah the Crow, (the nearest avian to Michael Caine in musical theatre) and the chart bopping Gremlin Band.

The Producers have a track record of imaginative and delightful adaptations of the classics, and have established a reputation for high quality productions with the strongest educational and community component.

Visually stunning with a star cast this is a fantastic treat. This inspiring musical is a testament to the enduring power of love, touching the hearts and minds of all children from four to eighty four. Don’t miss it.

HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSON – Author of original story
(April 2, 1805 – August 4, 1875) was a Danish author, fairy tale writer, and poet noted for his children’s stories, which have become world classics, including Thumbelina, the Match Girl, The Little Mermaid, the Tin Soldier and many others. He is acclaimed for having delighted children worldwide, and was feted by royalty. His poetry and stories have been translated into more than 150 languages and made him one of the best read children’s authors of all time. They have inspired motion pictures, plays, ballets, and animated films.

SUE POMEROY – Writer/Director/Producer
Sue Pomeroy has had an extensive career in professional theatre ranging from Artistic Director at the Croydon Warehouse Theatre (a renowned new writing theatre) to Associate Director at the National Theatre. She has directed and produced the majority of Good Company’s productions including I, Bertolt Brecht (which she also wrote), Pride and Prejudice and Song of a Bluefoot Man which she co-wrote with James Berry. Her international work includes seasons as Resident Director with the Berliner Ensemble and productions in India and Germany.

CHRIS EATON – Composer/Arranger
Chris Eaton has a major career in the rock and pop worlds on both sides of the Atlantic. He has written many hit songs for artists like Janet Jackson ( Hold back the Tears), Amy Grant (Little Town) Sheena Easton (All I ask), Michael Ball ( All or Nothing) as well as a number one ( Saviour’s Day ) and several Top 10 hits for Sir Cliff Richard, over a twenty five year association with Cliff. Based in the Midlands he is a leading figure on the Nashville music scene as a recording artist and song writer.

SIMON SLATER – Musical Director and Supervisor
Simon has starred in the ABBA phenomenon Mama Mia! and written, recorded and MD’d on over 70 theatre productions for work by writers as varied as Shakespeare, Michael Frayn, Noel Coward and Tom Stoppard at the Young Vic, Tricycle Theatre, Liverpool Everyman, Edinburgh Festival, Bristol Old Vic, Salisbury Playhouse, The Warehouse Theatre Croydon and many top theatres. He created original music for RSC’s Henry V. Film and TV work includes commissions such as Dalziel & Pasco.


Samuel Coleridge Taylor

Samuel Coleridge Taylor was a perfect English gentleman who became a symbol of freedom and emancipation to African Americans in the United States. The most celebrated young British composer of his time, he was a close friend of Holst and Vaughn Williams, championed by Sir Edward Elgar and a sensation with the British public following the overnight success of Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast. His affinity with Wales and its male voiced choir tradition led him to become a celebrated Adjudicator at the Eisteddfods, once assessing voices from a hole in the ground to ensure impartiality.

Based on original research and with exclusive access to his daughter, Avril, herself a recognised composer, this drama documentary film discovers the essentially private man who was reluctantly drawn onto the wider world stage to become a black icon. He helped found the Pan African Congress with Committee Meetings in the music shed in his garden, and was hailed as the “African Mahler” across the United States, his music helped bridge the divide between countries and cultures. He died of pneumonia aged only 37 in 1912.

This film rediscovers the genius of this man for modern audiences and explores the reasons he was increasingly denied access to the Classical music world as he embraced African American influences in his music. We ask why his music was increasingly passed over after his death and why he is still a well kept secret in the wider music community. We talk to contemporary black British and international composers and singers including Harry Belafonte, Nigel Kennedy and Jessie Norman and ask if the world of classical music is still ring fenced, protecting its own. Using original letters between Samuel and his British wife Jessie, the story of the film is shaped by their love story and constancy in the face of opposition to a mixed race marriage at the turn of the century. There is the potential for developing a CD of contemporary recordings of his greatest works, some of which have never been recorded.


A contemporary ground breaking musical with a powerful, dramatic story and outstanding accessible music which thrills and entertains

PAUL – Strange Kind of Hero is a moving and exhilarating experience that captivates audiences with its inspiring storyline, memorable music and spectacular staging and offers all the hallmarks of a major musical success in the tradition of other universal biblically based smash hit shows such as Godspell, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat and Jesus Christ Superstar.

PAUL is a musical about change – the transformation of a fanatical murderer who became a saint – a great story of love overcoming hate. Saul is ruthless in his drive to succeed, an extremist who allies himself to the power of Rome. He relentlessly marches against his enemies – until he sees the light on the road to Damascus. This life changing experience remains immediately resonant to audiences everywhere. Saul’s path led him to a collision with destiny on a lonely road. That man became Paul. PAUL is thought provoking and liberating as it celebrates the overcoming of violence and prejudice.

The production was originally developed and performed in the heart of Belfast in promenade in a huge warehouse as part of the peace process. PAUL is a high quality, professional show that also embraces the participation of young people in community choirs and as performers. In Belfast that meant working across the sectarian divide with Catholic and Protestant young people and adults. It was an experience none of us who were part of it will ever forget.

The show has also memorably performed in the Big Top tent at Cheltenham Racecourse as part of Greenbelt Festival, in London’s most dynamic space, the Roundhouse and at major No.1 theatres including Bradford Alhambra and Nottingham Theatre Royal. The producers have been careful to ensure that this thrilling musical is also great entertainment with captivating accessible music. It had a successful run at Brighton Festival at the spectacular venue of St Bartholomews, where Three Weeks Festival Magazine gave it 5/5 rating ” A brilliant show – go and see it” The review reads “Good Company dazzled audiences in this incredible performance space…Paul provides an evening of visual and musical enlightenment and keeps us engaged throughout….”

“I have rarely seen such a moving, exciting and committed performance by any company…This was a performance that will stay in my memory for as long as I live.”
– Brian Dury, Brighton audience member

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