Charitable Trust

Good Company Trust

Trustees: Peter Daniel, Emma Rees, Paul Rogers, Nelson Ward

The Trust was set up in 1992 in response to the need to raise funds to support the strong portfolio of educational and community work of the main production company. This took the form of extensive educational workshops which accompanied the professional theatre productions touring throughout the UK. Masterclasses, pre-show talks and the provision of study material, such as Study Packs and Teachers Notes, were also supplied.

In addition a dedicated educational service was also established, Make a Drama out of This! which catered for schools, colleges and universities throughout Sussex. Open University requested a special workshop production of Sue Pomeroy’s much heralded I, Bertolt Brecht which subsequently played as the drama centre piece of the OU Summer School at York University over 5 years.

Many of Good Company’s main house productions were educational set texts and were supported by the Trust. These productions included:

I, Bertolt Brecht UK tours and Open University
Devised and directed by Sue Pomeroy

Crowned With Fame, the life & music of Samuel
Coleridge Taylor devised by the Company, UK tours

The Entertainer by John Osborne UK Tour

Song of a Bluefoot Man, based on the poems of James Berry
Devised by Sue Pomeroy with James Berry. Uk Tour

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte UK No1 tours
Adapted by William Ash, Sue Pomeroy & Dennis Saunders

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen UK No1 tours
Adapted by Sue Pomeroy

Hard Times by Charles Dickens UK No1 tours
Adapted by Dennis Saunders

The Pepys Show by Dennis Saunders UK No1 tour

Emma by Jane Austen. UK No1 tours
Adapted by Sue Pomeroy and Dennis Saunders

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte UK No1 tours
Adapted by Sue Pomeroy

The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson .
Adapted by Sue Pomeroy with music by Chris Eaton.

For the Millennium year, a new musical about the transformation of Paul of Tarsus from violent fanatic to a saint, written by Sue Pomeroy with music by Chris Eaton received funding for its educational content, and also for the community participation at the heart of the production. The musical was also the recipient of a prestigious Millennium Festival award, one of only 12 large scale arts awards from the Arts Council and the Millennium Festival. Young Peoples choirs and Community performers from each region participate alongside the professional cast and musicians in the production. This show has gone on to play residencies across the UK, most recently in Brighton Festival, 2007 and Cheltenham Playhouse in 2008.

The company has also embraced young people’s participation through practical training, ranging from administrative placements to on the job training in practical areas such as Design and Stage Management.

The Trust has received support from many Charitable Foundations and trusts including: Jerusalem Trust, Sylvanus Foundation, GRE Trust, Baring Foundation, Morel Trust, Leche Trust, Save & Prosper Educational Trust and also from many individual donors. Business Donors include Abbey National, Laganside, Dunloe Ewart, South Coast Student Travel, Legal & General, TVS.

Donations & Fundraising

Education is at the heart of our policy. We want to increase access to young people across the UK and internationally by making short educational trailers which share our areas of expertise through practical demonstration and interactive workshops. Our team, led by Sue Pomeroy and other members of the company including Nelson Ward and Dennis Saunders have made a huge commitment to reach out and engage with young people and students, bringing the subjects for study alive and making a real impact on learning, confidence and success. The work has also been supported by a commitment to multiculturalism  inter racial harmony, equality between the sexes and respect for diversity. With the growth of social media and live streaming, there are enormous opportunities to widen the remit of our educational work, widely acknowledged to be of the highest quality and of immense practical benefit.
Please help us do this.